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East Norriton Sonic Approaches Reopening

EAST NORRITON, PA - We have been watching Sonic in East Norriton since a new franchise operator was awarded and locations around PA/NJ have slowly reopened over the last month.

If you have not noticed, the location in East Norriton has been going through some renovations in preparation for the reopening. When we passed there today the workers were on-site testing the outdoor music and video order screens. We were told October 29, 2021, is the planned reopening date although it is subject to change.

Sonic East Norriton is being prepared to reopen, picture from 10/25/2021

Sonic originally closed in December 2020 as negotiations to find a new Franchise owner failed. 10 locations in PA/NJ were shuttered at the time. You can read our original article here.

Sonic East Norriton, December 2020

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