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Colonial School District to Consider Optional Masking Policy During Thursday's Meeting


PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA - Colonial School District announced its intentions to discuss a change to its masking policy for all students during the regular School Board Meeting scheduled to take place Thursday, February 17, 2022.

The Board will consider making masking "optional" for all students effective March 9, 2022, this change would not apply to busing as it is controlled by federal regulation from the Biden Administration.

The change is being considered as a result of positive movements in local key metrics and would only be implemented if those metrics continue to decrease and remain below agreed-upon levels for 2 consecutive weeks leading up to the March 9 deadline.

In support of the change: The decrease of positive cases, wide availability of vaccination and boosters; as well as local medical expert opinions are all in favor of the change. Further, the District cites the continued absentee rate improvement which is currently at a level considered to be "low" with less than 3-4% of students absent each day.

If this change is implemented, the District will still continue to provide appropriate PPE to those who are in need and offer the "Test to Stay" program. With this change, those who wish to mask can choose to do so.

School Superintendant Doctor Christian added, "The current data is promising and it appears the District may be in a safer place in just a few weeks. We are cautiously optimistic we can lift the mask requirement by March 9, 2022."

According to local social media conversation among parents, support seems to be strong to implement this change. Parent Katie C. stated, "The numbers are more than encouraging at this point. We have 2 cases in The district and it has been trending down for weeks. If not now when? We must revise our current metrics and policies. It is more than ridiculous at this point." Most commentators agree, Christa G. chimed in about the upcoming meeting, citing the inconsistent rules amongst events adding (change in masking rules) "I hope so too. It amazed me how the CMS play didn't require the kids in masks on stage, but yet, they are back in school today with them. The super bowl packed with people, no masks. I am over the double standard."

Although less vocal, some parents are less hesitant and want to aim for even lower transmission rates before changing, Parent Monica S. added, "Hi all - I'm not trying to start a major fight here, but I want to state that some of us are still in favor of masks until the community reaches a low transmission threshold. I will be thrilled to get rid of masks when it is safer to do so."

No matter where you stand on the issue, you are welcome to attend the meeting and voice your concern. This meeting is open to the public and will be held in person and virtually, Thursday, at 7 p.m. in the General Meeting Room at Colonial Elementary School. Additional seating will be available in the Colonial Elementary School auditorium, where the meeting will be broadcasted. The meeting will also be accessible via Zoom and YouTube - please see the District website,, for more information. If you have a question in advance of the meeting, you are encouraged to contact

You can read the entire email using the link below.

Change to be considered for masking requirement
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