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Colonial Middle School's Principal to Retire

📸 Colonial School District

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA - Mr. Fahler, the beloved Principal at Colonial Middle School is set to retire after 20 years in his position. According to Colonial's website, Mr. Fahler arrived at Colonial Middle School as an Assistant Principal in 2002.

Previous to his time in Colonial, Mr. Fahler taught Math in the Northampton Area School District covering Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Mr. Fahler also racked up time coaching high school football and basketball. During his 18 years at Northampton, Mr. Fahler also served on the Principal's Steering Committee and was a member of the Student Assistance Team.

Mr. Fahler, like all school administrators, has faced the toughest challenges of his career navigating his staff and students through the ever-changing world of COVID. Daily emails and communications have kept his staff, students and parents informed. An ever-present part of the morning traffic routine, he greets students upon arrival. With the new Colonial Middle School set to open after President's Day Weekend, Mr. Fahler will lead his team into the new building as his finale at Colonial School District. You can reach out to Mr. Fahler and send him a note here.

The search is on for a new leader at Colonial Middle School, you can read the job posting here. We reached out to Mr. Fahler for comment and will update this article later with any response.

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