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Your Neighbor Frank Down The Street Is Not the Only One Setting Off Fireworks This Holiday

OK, I know fireworks are a hot topic (pun intended) amongst the Facebook crowd but Lower Gwynedd Township reminded us, not all fireworks are canceled. Some local country clubs will be doing their annual firework display. Now is the time to make friends with your acquaintances who live near the country clubs or stalk a nice spot nearby where you can watch with your crew.

Cedarbrook Country Club - Thursday, 7/2 at 9 pm. The rain date 7/3 at 9 pm.

The Bluestone Country Club - Friday, 7/3 at 9:30 pm. The rain date for this event is Sunday, July 5th at 9:30 pm.

Green Valley - Canceled.

Join the conversation here.

If you are wondering who Frank is, read this article.

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