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Whitemarsh Station Wins Award for Excellence in Planning and Design


WHITEMARSH, PA - The Montgomery County Planning Commission issued its list of 2021 award winners. Whitemarsh Station was awarded the Montgomery Award for Excellence in Planning and Design. According to the press release, The award is based on "Contemporary design concept, collaborative planning, and innovative stormwater management". The County also noted, "While it has homes similar in size to a townhouse community and a homeowners association, Whitemarsh Station has no party walls and offers private backyards, an inviting streetscape, and views to a large, attractive rain garden."


The Award mentions, "The single-family detached homes are built with one wall placed along the boundary line of the lot, creating a side yard between homes that belongs to one homeowner only and offers greater usability. Placing the single homes on smaller lots, averaging only 6,100 square feet, provides the benefits of efficient land use and the ability to meet the townhouse market for size and affordability. This creative infill project utilizes a loop road, with homes nestled along both sides of the street, creating the feel and intimacy of a small neighborhood. The neighborhood feeling is enhanced by a village architectural style and an inviting streetscape that includes street trees and other landscaping, which is often lacking from traditional townhouse developments. Each home has a backyard and deck with some bordering the rain garden, which is centrally located along with guest parking."

Homeowners of the development can join the private Facebook group Whitemarsh Station.

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