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Wawa Finally Moving Along in East Norriton, Former Ray's Diner Slated for Demolition

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EAST NORRITON, PA - The proposed Wawa in East Norriton seems to be back on track with the closure of the former car wash. The location will now encompass the former Ray's Diner and Car Wash, the combined space will allow for a Wawa with gas pumps.

This project was proposed several years ago but was opposed by a local neighboring business that would not allow Wawa to count egress onto their property towards code compliance, adding the former car wash location allows them the room and access to 202.

We have learned Wawa has recently filed sign permits with East Norriton Township, which is a milestone in the project moving forward.

Google Maps view showing entrance/exits on Germantown Pike and 202.

Looking over the proposed layout, there are no plans to add traffic control to the entrance/exit points on Germantown Pike. Under the current plan, the 8 gas pumps will be located where the current car wash is, the store will be located near the footprint of Ray's Diner.

We reached out to Wawa for comment or to get an update on expected construction timelines but they have not responded to our emails, if they do, we will update this article. The current Wawa locations are Whitpain (73 & 202) and Plymouth (Ridge Pike & Fairfield Rd.)

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Sep 12, 2021

There's also the Wawa at Germantown and Whitehall Roads. Will that one stay open?

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