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Useful Social Media Groups for Colonial School District Parents

It is back-to-school time and connecting with other parents and staying up to date is important for parents. Personally, I have gotten so much help from other parents over the years and I wanted to compile a list of some of the most useful pages to join in the district. I have long helped unite communities by moderating Facebook groups, below is a list, some are groups I have started, and others are moderated by the PTO or other local Facebook moderators.

Class-Based Groups:

Below is a group based on the year your student will graduate from High School. Especially before the schools merge in 4th grade at CES, it is kind of hard to meet other kids and parents from the other elementary schools and to share age-relevant information. Feel free to join the right group for your kids.

School Building Specific Groups

Connecting with your individual school community is also important. All of our schools have a great PTO organization, but every page is also run differently so we recommend joining the PTO and the Parents page to ensure you cover all the bases.

Miscellaneous Groups and Pages:

There are also some other groups that are general in nature or not related to a certain class or school that are also useful for parents, we have compiled a list below. I am happy to add to the list as others come to light.

Colonial Sitters - Find your next babysitter or post your services.

Parents of Colonial School District - General page of information and connections.

Special Parents of Colonial School District - Resources and support for parents of students with special needs.

Colonial School District - The official page of the school district, as a parent or local taxpayer you should follow this page.

Buy Nothing Project - Plymouth Meeting / E. Norriton - If you have not joined the Buy Nothing Project page, it is highly recommended. This is not a needs-based page, it is a page of community effort and sharing to help reduce waste, reduce economic strain, and to help spread joy to other members of our community. A real neat concept to check out.

I hope these groups are useful to you. Wishing you and your family a great school year!

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