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Royal Farms is Good for Norristown, and Their Chicken is Delish

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This past week the first Royal Farms opened in our area. Located at 1820 Markley Street

Norristown, PA 19401 in the parking lot shared with Dunkin and the DMV, Royal Farms brings a fresh new feel to an otherwise neglected shopping center.

Royal Farms is well known for their Award-Winning World-Famous fried chicken,

western fries, coffee, and signature inspired sandwiches, subs, and wraps, available

24/7. Royal Farms also sells Krispy Kreme doughnuts and has surcharge-free ATMS.

The new Norristown location will feature Royal Farms new Swiss-Made coffee

machines that grind fresh coffee beans right on the spot just seconds before brewing.

Customers can customize their coffee with a wide variety of flavors, creamers, and


Royal Farms has great employment benefits and will employ around 50 employees at its location. Among these employees, the new store will hold approximately 6 management positions. Royal Farms looks to promote within so there is great upward mobility for those who wish to move up within the company.

Before the store opened on October 8, 2020, Jay Garcia, District Leader at Royal Farms who will oversee this location said “I am super excited to open this store as a District Leader after meeting our new employees. Our team can’t wait to open our doors and meet all of our wonderful new neighbors in Norristown.”

As you enter the general area around the store, the smell of fried chicken lofts through the air and welcomes you upon arrival. I visited this weekend, first on Friday night when the wait for food was over an hour so I had to come back a second time. I was successful on my second attempt Saturday afternoon, I scored some fried chicken for dinner although they do offer many other items that are going to require additional trips. The wait was still a bit longer than it normally would be due to the increased crowd, but it was only 30 minutes, not bad. It was important to socially distant during our visit and we kept having to move around the store to ensure proper spacing as the store was crowded, but it was able to be done in a safe manner.

While waiting, we noticed the store will eventually offer beer and wine, although that part of the store was not stocked yet, it also features self-checkout which personally I appreciate as checkout was quick and easy. The chicken was delicious, fresh, and hot! Overall, my family enjoyed the food, it traveled well back to our house. We tried several of the dipping sauces, which were tasty with the sweet and sour being the crowd favorite. My kids also devoured the mac and cheese and western fries. We will be putting this on our list for a return visit.

Royal Farms began as a dairy farm in 1918. The dairy farm was family-owned and evolved into the fast-casual, convenience, and gas station chain that now operates 232 stores in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

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