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Plymouth Township to Take Final Vote on Tax and Sewer Increases During December's Meeting

During the Plymouth Township Council Meeting on Monday, December 14th, a final vote will be taken to raise property taxes by .1 millage rate and to also raise township sewer rates. The current property tax rate of 1.6 mils will be officially raised to 1.7 mils. This is the first tax rate increase in almost 20 years. The township fire tax will remain unchanged.

Plymouth Council President Chris Manero has been warning of such a tax increase for some time as Township reserves have dwindled in years past as the Township is left to incur mounting costs as well as capital expenditures to the Township building. Those issues are further compounded by the COVID crisis which has lead to a sharp decrease in tax revenue as businesses remained shuttered during most of the first quarter of 2020. Future costs will include capital expenditures at the Community Center.

For Plymouth Township residents the proposed increases from Plymouth Township come at a particularly bad time as Montgomery County is also proposing a 5% tax increase to deal with run-away costs associated with the remodel of the County Courthouse as well as what will surely be a pending school tax increase from Colonial School District to help pay for the new middle school which is due to open in late 2021.

Future projections are also not looking good as we face continued uncertainty over the status of the numerous office buildings which now remain empty as employers were forced to adopt a work-from-home model because of COVID.

The one thing Plymouth Residents have to hold onto is that no services have been cut.

You can read the proposed ordinance here. (until it is adopted) You can read the agenda here.

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