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One More COVID Parade for Plymouth Township, This One is For You

On July 4th Plymouth Township Emergency Services will host one last COVID parade and this one is to thank residents for the support of the local emergency services during these unprecedented times.

The parade will start at Colonial Middle School at 10 am on July 4th. Plymouth Police, Plymouth Township, Harmonville Fire Company, and Plymouth Fire Company along with Plymouth Ambulance will all participate The parade will attempt to hit every area of the township over a 2-hour time span. Residents are encouraged to come out, remain socially distant, and wave hello. Everyone is encouraged to wear Red, White, and Blue!

Funny story, the last time we had a parade in our area one of the neighbors came out yelling at us saying we were all crazy! The neighbor continued to yell "You could have had a small party by now! You are all crazy!" Can't wait for the 4th!

Here is the proposed parade route.

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