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Move Over Real Conshy Crane, Plymouth Crane Makes its Debut as CMS Projects Hits Another Milestone

We are all fans of The Real Conshy Crane, who provides us great pics as it continues to build the new SORA West project in Conshohocken, but now with that steel project coming to an end, there is the Plymouth Crane who will help erect the new Colonial Middle School project. Sorry, no sweeping views here, unless you count the intimate views of the neighbors' property on Maplewood Drive. The crane was positioned late last week on what was once the school track as they begin steel resurrection.

Work on the middle school project to this point has focused on pouring footers and laying the foundation for what will become the three-story-tall classroom section when Colonial Middle School 2.0 opens in the winter of 2022. Steel will now start to rise and a noticeable difference will begin to take shape.

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