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Montco Launches 2021 Grant Program to Help Restaurants

NORRISTOWN, PA – The Montgomery County Board of Commissioners announced today that restaurants negatively impacted by COVID-19 can now apply for up to $10,000 in grant funding through the MontcoStrong 2021 Restaurant Grant Program.

Recognizing the importance of the restaurant and food service industry as a cornerstone of Montgomery County’s economic and workforce development as well as central to the growth of entrepreneurship, job opportunities, and its communities, the Montgomery County Commissioners have made available up to $5 million in county economic development funds to support restaurants and other food service businesses.

“We know that our restaurants are really struggling to stay open right now without in-person dining and we miss gathering at these places to share special times with family and friends,” said Kenneth E. Lawrence Jr., Vice Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. “That is why we have made $5 million in additional funds available to help this industry. We encourage restaurants and other food service businesses in need of support to look into this latest round of funding and apply.”

“Without additional support from the federal government and the state, we wanted to step up as a county, and through the leadership of our Commissioners, we can now offer additional support to restaurants who need it,” said David Zellers, Director of Montgomery County’s Commerce Department. “The next few months after the holidays are typically slower in the restaurant sector, and we know this year it’s going to be even tougher, which is why we are making these grant funds available now.”

Eligible applicants must be a for-profit restaurant, food truck, deli, bakery, brewery, distillery, vineyard, caterer, or other food services for-profit entity with a physical location in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that has been in operation since at least January 1, 2020, and has experienced disruption due to the COVID-19 global pandemic meeting the additional following criteria:

· Is current with all taxes owed (or in an approved payment plan with all tax bodies to which tax delinquency exists as of the date of application).

· Is and has been in compliance with all lawful COVID-19 mitigation orders issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since March 12, 2020.

· Eligible applicants may not be publicly-traded companies.

· Eligible applicants may be a franchisee, but the franchisee entity may not have more than four locations globally. All grant funds received by a franchisee entity must be used only at their location(s) in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

· Entities with multiple locations in Montgomery County may apply for each location. Entities with locations both in and out of Montgomery County may only apply for their location(s) in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

· Applicant entities that have been ordered closed for any public health violation by the Montgomery County Office of Public Health, including any issues related to the spread of COVID-19, or have willfully violated all lawful COVID-19 mitigation orders issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since January 1, 2020, may not apply.

Eligible grant expenses include rent or mortgage payments for a business location, payments for utilities for a business location, purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and payroll for non-owner employees and or their family members between the dates of January 1 and March 5, 2021.

To apply, eligible businesses and organizations are required to complete an online application. Applications must be accepted by noon on Friday, January 8, 2021. Program guidelines are available in English, Spanish, and Korean.

The Redevelopment Authority of Montgomery County will disburse funds to grant awardees upon the return of signed grant agreements. The goal is to have award decisions approved in mid to late January so that fund disbursement can begin soon thereafter.

This program is a jointly administered initiative of the Montgomery County Commerce Department and the Redevelopment Authority of Montgomery County. Questions regarding the program should be submitted through the Commerce Department’s Assistance Request Form. Feedback on applications will not be provided.

Media Contact: Teresa Harris,

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