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Lunch at West Norriton's Masa Asia, a Must for the Sushi Lover

Pictured: Masa Asia's Lunch Special with 3 Maki rolls

WEST NORRITON, PA - Tucked away in the corner of Burnside Plaza you will find West Norriton's Masa Asia. Masa Asia is a Hibachi, Pho, and Sushi restaurant. We stopped in for lunch and here is our review.

Photo from 11/12/2021

From the outside, it is hard to tell what to expect, but as you enter the restaurant a newly refreshed interior space with simple, clean fittings greets you. From the simple wood slat accents to the colorful portraits on the wall, the environment is clean and simple. The floor has a dark grey modern title and fun light fixtures dot the dining room. What stands out is the fact that out of 20 tables in the quaint dining room only about 5 of them have chairs.

We decided to try the sushi lunch special, similar to what has been offered at other local restaurants, the lunch special comes with 3 Maki rolls, miso soup, and ginger salad for $14. The staff got right to work and there was a decent Friday lunch crowd when we were there. The wait for our food was not unreasonable.

The food arrived on bamboo trays, nicely presented and topped with a simple flower. The Miso was fresh, hot, and accented with thinly sliced mushrooms. The miso soup was delicious and ranked among my favorite miso soups of all time. The salad was crisp and fresh, a typical ginger salad with greens, shaved carrots, and cucumbers, an appropriate portion size.

The sushi was really good and perfectly prepared. The rice was cooked to perfection and flavorful, fish fresh and plentiful, and fresh vegetables to finish the roll. We had the Tuna/Avacado, Spicy Scallop, Salmon/Avacado, and a Spicy Tuna roll. What I really like was the rolls were served at the perfect temperature, not too cold that it felt like it came out of a fridge, but just right to unlock the most flavor.


I saw two people working when we were there. Ben, the owner, came over and introduced himself and struck up a conversation as he passed from table to table. We chatted about his experience owning the location up to this point, only a few months, and how things have been so crazy during the pandemic. Ben was welcoming and created a great atmosphere.

Family Friendliness:

This is more of a grab-and-go sushi place. While there are a small number of tables to grab for a quick bite, save the family trip out for somewhere else.

Overall Recommendation:

This is a fantastic new sushi place that any sushi lover must try. The quality and presentation rival any other high-end sushi restaurant in the area. Personally, I would prefer this menu to that of a fancier place. The owner Ben was welcoming and did a great job of tending to the guest. Put this on your list and tell them PlymouthPulse sent you! Happy dining!

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Please note, at the time of this review Masa Asia was not a paid advertiser on our site. The meal was purchased and not provided or given in exchange for a review of any kind.

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