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KoP Family Celebrates Christmas with 200 Inflatables on Their Lawn

Photo credit: Archbishop John Carroll High School - Facebook

King of Prussia residents, brothers, and Archbishop Carroll students, Christopher Anderson ’18 and Tommy Anderson ’20 have a special family tradition to celebrate the holidays, they decorate their lawn with inflatable Christmas decorations, actually - tons of them.

The tradition dates back to 2006 when the brothers moved to their current home, they told Archbishop Carroll's media department. After each Christmas, the brothers purchased additional inflatables for their display from the clearance section. Eventually, the family had to upgrade their home's electrical panel.

Photo credit: Archbishop John Carroll High School - Facebook

Currently, there are over 200 inflatables on display. “The community has always been very supportive of the display each year,” said Chris to Archbishop Carroll. “The kids in the neighborhood are so excited to drive by, and seeing the smiles on their faces is worth all the hard work. The amount of cars that drive by each night is extremely rewarding and reminds us why we do the display each year.”

The display is located on Fairview Road in King of Prussia.

This article was shared with permission from Archbishop Carroll High School, Radnor, PA. You can read their article here.

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