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Greene Turtle East Norriton, Unable to Recover from COVID-19 Shutdown

Sadly Greene Turtle East Norriton is the latest restaurant to fall victim to the COVID-19 shutdown. Sources confirmed to us "we are not able to reach an agreement with banks and [our] landlord for longer-term sustainability post COVID". The Greene Turtle East Norriton originally opened on August 6, 2018. The landlord for that location is Tornetta Real Estate. Legal papers are now posted in the window, outside TVs have been removed but contents inside the building remain.

Greene Turtle North Wales (same owners) will remain open, you can follow them on Facebook here.

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Alison Feight
Alison Feight
Jul 24, 2020

Actually, the contents inside the building have not remained the same. I was an employee here for almost a year and none of corporate informed us of the closing, I learned via a manager from the North Wales location when I inquired about switching locations. I myself watched them load a U-Haul full of things from the kitchen and office, including food and drinks. Sort of sad to see it go but not much of a surprise.

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