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First Look - Plymouth Valley Estates 70-79 new homes

While most people are not thrilled by any means to see more homes being built on the tract of land known as the "Driscoll Tract", Paone Builders is giving us another development called "Plymouth Valley Estates".

Thankfully at the insistence of residents this community will consist of 70-79 single-family homes (the website is inconsistent and has both numbers listed on two different pages so without seeing the entire final site plan, we will put a range) placed on what appears to be reasonable plots of land of .25 to .50 acres of land, the original proposal was for over 140 townhomes. We noticed a few weeks ago Paone's website feature the front facade of these homes, we wanted to share them with you. Prices for a 3 bedroom start around 650K and go up from there.

The construction has taken a toll on North Gravers Road and severe erosion lead to the temporary closure of the road during a recent thunderstorm. The rain washed out the shoulder along the construction site near Nursery Lane and washed mud and other storm debris across the road. We have reached out to Plymouth Township on what steps have been or will be, taken to help prevent this during future storms. We will let you know what we find out. Click here to view the site map (phase 1 - 41 homes)Click here to view the rendering (pic above from this site)

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