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Community Conversation: Whitemarsh Township Supervisor Candidate Forum

Last week we shared the news we were invited to participate along with in moderating or at least observing, a proposed community discussion with all candidates running for Whitemarsh Supervisor. This proposal was met with silence from the Democratic ticket. We did not receive not a single response from the Democratic ticket after numerous emails, not even a simple "no thank-you." The lone independent and republican candidates were still willing to make themselves available for the event which was proposed for Sunday, November 3, at 5 pm.

We decided to proceed with the conversation and hosted such an event in a residence located in Lafayette Hill. The event was attended by Eli Glick (I) and the Republican ticket known as WhitemarshStrong - Perry Swartz, Linda Doll, and Frank Scarpello.

Whitemarsh residents will have to decide what impact a certain slate of candidates running for office refusing to make themselves available on several occasions for a conversation with the community will have on the outcome.

Will refusing to even answer questions or make yourself available at an event before you are elected bode well to settle grips about a lack of transparency?

We will all know the answers on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, when polls open at 7 am.

You can visit our local election site to learn more about each of the candidates by clicking here. We have also prepared a site for you to review all of the sample ballots before heading to the polls on Tuesday, November 5 here.

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