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Colonial Middle School Ranked #49 in the State, Says U.S. News & World Report's

Picture of the current Colonial Middle School Entrance
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PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA - Colonial Middle School received a big honor when it was ranked #49 in the state of Pennsylvania for Middle Schools. U.S. News & World Report has never ranked Middle Schools in previous years and used standardized math and reading scores to determine the ranking. According to the ranking, "61% of students scored at or above the proficient level for math, and 78% scored at or above that level for reading." There are currently 1,181 students enrolled, the report says.

We have long known Colonial School District is ranked among the best in Pennsylvania, it is nice to see someone from outside the district or area agreeing with our opinion. We will have to get Principal Fahler's autograph next time we see him.

You can read more about this ranking here. You can view updated pictures of the new middle school currently under construction here.

In comparison, other local school districts ranked, Wissahickon Middle School ranked #26; Sandy Run Middle School (Upper Dublin) placed #32; Upper Merion Middle School #135; and Norristown's three middle schools ranked #331, #537, and #658.

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