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Allegations Against Norristown School Board President; Elected Officials Distance Themselves

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

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Norristown, PA - Norristown School Board President Shae Ashe has been accused of sending messages inappropriate in nature to a former Norristown High School Student which started when she was 17-years-old. According to the article, originally published in the Delaware Valley Journal, the student informed her mother last month while talking to a neighbor about internet safety. The student's mother then urged her daughter, now 18, to file a police report. The case has now been referred to the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office for a full investigation.

We reached out to Mr. Ashe for comment and we received the following statement from his attorney, Emmet Madden, Esq. of "We are aware of the recent allegations against Norristown Area School Board President Shae Ashe. We are happy the Montgomery County District Attorney is investigating these messages and their true origin, and are fully co-operating with their investigation. President Ashe denies any wrongdoing and is confident that this attempt to distract his constituents’ attention from the real issues of this election will fail and hopes he can continue serving Norristown Area School District."

Ashe is seen by many as a rising star in the local Democratic Party, winning election at the age of 27 and following in his Mother's footsteps of serving on the Norristown School Board. a candidacy which was announced in a Times Herald article from 2017. It appears Mr. Ashe is an active member of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee Area 11, his picture dots their Facebook page from the most recent election efforts where he ran as an endorsed candidate.

Mr. Ashe was also listed as a supporter of Congresswoman Madeline Dean until we contacted their office for comment; we received no response and Mr. Ashe has since been removed from the list of supporters. We have reached out to all listed as administrators for the MCDC Area Eleven Dems Facebook page, we will update the article if and when we hear back from anyone we contacted.

Mr. Ashe was also a staff member of State Senator Amanda Cappelletti holding the position of Director of Consistuant Services until he was removed from her staff pending an investigation this week.

Read the original article here. This original report is only about alleged actions, there are no pending criminal charges at this time. We await the findings of the full investigation and will update this story with any results shared with us.

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