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4th of July Parade Returns for Plymouth; We are Making Mimosas

In April we asked Plymouth Township if they were bringing back the 4th of July Parade for 2021 and they announced yesterday that indeed it will be returning! This parade was organized last year as a way to entertain and keep residents distanced but the response was so positive maybe this is becoming a new yearly tradition.

The parade will once again feature many of the trucks and equipment used by our first responders and others associated with their services (tow trucks, etc). It is a quick and easy way for the family to kick off their 4th celebration. In our neighborhood, there may or may not have been some who enjoyed a mimosa with neighbors as they watched from their front yards. This got us thinking, maybe we need to find a patriotic recipe so, we found a fun Red White and Blue Mimosa recipe on we would like to share for anyone interested in partaking in this new tradition, you can read it here.

The route is below, you are asked to listen for the sirens and come to the nearest intersection to say hello. Don't forget your Red White and Blue and your mimosa as we toast the terrific men and women who serve and protect our community. Happy 4th everyone!

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