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Whitemarsh Supervisor Candidate's Eco-Friendly Campaign

You may have never heard of Eli Glick but the longtime Whitemarsh resident is busy working hard to ensure he does not remain unknown for much longer. The former democrat moved to this area in the '90s and has waged war on the local democratic controlled Whitemarsh Board of Supervisors and his battle concludes on November 5.

Glick believes Whitemarsh has sold it's environmental integrity to developers and campaign donors who have gone on to destroy the tree canopy, overdevelop and cause irreversible damage to his community. Everything from traffic pollution to water runoff and the never-ending occurrence of sinkholes are all signs Glick points to as clear need for change. After retiring from a 30+ year career running two successful physical therapy practices, Glick is looking to engage in volunteerism through service in his local government.

Glick states on his Facebook and website he is not accepting donations from either political party and his grassroots campaign features eco-friendly aspects. Glick is not accepting donations from anyone.

On Facebook, Glick stated he is only posting 16 signs in the township, all are hand-painted with eco-friendly paints and all will be re-purposed into birdhouses after his campaign; his shirts are made from fair-trade cotton and printed with eco-friendly ink; and lastly, his business cards, the only printed material you will see from his campaign, are compostable.

We reached out to Glick to see what makes someone wage an independent campaign in such an establishment stronghold like Whitemarsh. Glick said he actually tried to secure a nomination on the democratic ticket but was not offered a spot.

The environment is not the only issue Glick is passionate about, he also advocates for better communication from the township to its residents to allow for actual transparency and responsible informed future development to name a few issues. Glick asks anyone not voting for him to ask this one question of any other candidate, "What is one thing you have done or will do to improve the environment for Whitemarsh residents?"

You can follow Glick's campaign on the web or on Facebook.

The three candidates with the most votes will secure a four-year term. In Whitemarsh, elected officials can only serve two back-to-back terms at a time.

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