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Third Medical Marijuana Dispensary Approved for Plymouth

Photo Credit: Google

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA - During the July 7, 2021 zoning meeting of the Plymouth Township Planning Commission approval was given to allow a third medical marijuana dispensary. The company, Pharmacann will be running the site located at 601 Germantown Pike. Pharmacan will occupy the entire site and the retail sales floor will occupy 1,951 sq. ft. of the total 2,600 sq. ft. building.

Approval was given to eliminate 3 parking spots to allow for a secured delivery area in the rear of the building. Construction has already begun.

The site, originally built in 2017 and marketed by InSite was formally partially occupied by T-mobile.

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it’s shameful. i just saw the meeting and they all immediately approved even though they didn’t even understand the business. how did they even approve the other two not understanding the business???!

and then they had difficult time getting a vote for a poor grandfather who just wanted extra shed space for his grandkids bikes.

plymouth is turning into a rat hole

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