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Second Marijuana Dispensary Coming to Plymouth

505 Germantown Pike pictured on 12/14/2020

Canntech, a Los Angles based cannabis company with operations in Pittsburgh will be opening Plymouth Township's second marijuana dispensary, it will be located at 505 W. Germantown Pike, directly across the street from the Plymouth Meeting Mall. This location sat on the market for years and was the former location of a Qudoba Restaurant.

Located right next to a convenience store and across the street from a major transportation hub, it is a strategic location.

A marijuana dispensary is a permitted use in the commercial zoning district. We have confirmed with Plymouth Township, permits were pulled in October for demolition, interior renovations, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, alarm, and sprinkler work. We have attempted to reach Canntech for comment but have not received a response as of yet. No word on when this location will open.

Plymouth Township's other medical marijuana dispensary is The Apothecarium Dispensary located at 420 Plymouth Road, Plymouth Meeting.

Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana in April of 2016. With a physician's approval cannabis is an available treatment for 17 qualifying conditions. There is a 5% sales tax imposed on the sales between the different parties in the supply chain.

Canntech is in the process of being acquired by Ayr Strategies in a previously announced planned acquisition (October 2020). Ayr has operations in Massachusetts and Nevada and is a publically traded company (AYRSF).

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