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Proposal, 12-Acre Plymouth Horse Farm to be Divided into 6 Single Home Sites

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

During the June 2020, Plymouth Township Planning Agency Meeting plans were discussed on a project working its way through the system. The property under discussion is 2622 Butler Pike, a 12-acre horse farm that borders Harriet Wetherill Park.

Dennis Powell who has owned the property in question with his wife Lisa for the last 33-years spoke at the meeting saying; "Plymouth Township was very much different when we came here." Powell Continued, "We knew the Wetherills' and it was very much horse country with little horse farms from here to Stenton Ave. "We worked with our developer to create what we call a win-win-win plan. A win for the park, a win for the people of Plymouth, and a win for us."

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The proposed plan would divide the current property into 3 plots of land. A 5.22-acre site that would be further sub-divided into 6 detached home sites to be managed by a home owner's association. A 3.57-acre site that contains the Owner's existing home and all outbuildings on the property. The last plot to be created will be 2.44-acres in size which will be permanently preserved. This preserved plot will act as a buffer between Harriet Wetherill Park and the other home sites. The preserved land will be controlled by the Owners of the 3.57-acre plot of land.

They will attempt to preserve as many of the older trees along Butler Pike at the request of Montgomery County.

Watch the meeting here and Join our conversation here.

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