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Plymouth Police Announce the Passing of K-9 Officer Nick, Brad Fox's Partner

Photo Credit: Plymouth Township Police

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA - Today, via social media, Plymouth Township Police announced the passing of former K-9 Nick. Nick was the beloved partner to Officer Brad Fox who was wounded in the line of duty the same night Officer Fox was taken from us. Nick was a hero who never left Officer Fox's side. Nick enjoyed the final years of his life with Officer Fox's family. Both Plymouth Township Police and Officer Fox's wife, Lyndsay have released statements.

Statement from Officer Fox's wife, Lyndsay "It is with heavy heart that I share that we will be saying goodbye to our sweet Nick. I feel like I could write so much about my boy, but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. He handled his sudden retirement with grace and although he had many working years left in him, with our family is where he needed to be. He has been with us for almost 10 years now but For the past almost 9 years he has been our family's protector. He has also been so much more than that to me. He saw me at every single moment of my worst days. He was my shoulder to cry on after Brad was killed. He has always been my constant comfort. He is the only one other than me that felt all 4 babies kick inside my belly and were there when all 4 babies came home. You became their instant protective big brother He’s been my snuggle bug. He has been my co pilot for every shore trip, trip down to Penn for his chemo treatments, and any time he wanted to take a car ride to take the kiddos to and from school or sports. Always had to be right in the front seat next to me. Despite his destructiveness, I could never stay mad at him for long, even when I swore I needed a bank account to fund all of the furniture he destroyed he still remained the most loyal, loving boy. Through a graze bullet wound on that dreaded life changing day almost 9 years ago, to 2 rounds of weekly chemo treatments for a total of close to 9 months over the past year and a half for lymphoma, he has remained the strongest and most resilient dog I have ever seen, only to have his bones attacked with more cancer. I’d be selfish at this point to extend his life when for the first time ever, I’m witnessing him in true pain and discomfort. Nick, nobody will ever understand the bond between us, but you have been my rock and I could never repay you for your endless love, protection, and loyalty to our family, especially the kids. I’ve dreaded this day since your first cancer diagnosis, but I know it’s time for you to be back with daddy in heaven. I will never forget the day daddy brought you home and introduced you as his new K9 partner, or the day you finished training, and the day you officially received your badge. He was so excited to work with you, and so proud. We’ve had 10 amazing years with you, but now it’s time for daddy to get the years with you that he was cheated of. Partners again I will miss you so much my little rabbit chasing, bird eating, furniture destroying knucklehead. Always know that you were loved beyond words. Until we meet again.

I want to say thank you to the staff at Penn vet as well as Trooper vet for ALWAYS giving Nick the best care and so much love. Never once have I ever felt that Nick was just another patient. Everyone always knew Nick first hand or of Nick, no matter who was seeing him that day. Everyone loved our Nicky boy and I mean honestly, how could you not?! thank you for loving and caring for him like your own and always being so readily available to answer my emails, questions or concerns. We are so blessed to have had top notch care for our boy from day 1.

Memorial contributions in Nick’s honor can be made to: Penn Vet Working Dog Center by visiting:"

Plymouth Township Police added, "It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of K-9 Officer Nick. Nick was the K-9 partner of Plymouth Township Police Officer Brad Fox. On the day that Officer Fox was murdered, Nick remained by Brad's side, even after Nick himself had been shot.

Following Nick's recovery, he went on to live with Brad's wife Lyndsay and their children. We are saddened at Nick's passing, but remain ever grateful that he was able to act as a friend, comforter and protector for Brad's Family.

We wish you everlasting peace."

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Lisa Flaiz
Lisa Flaiz
Mar 13, 2021

RIP K9 Nick. We offer your people our most sincere condolences for this heart-breaking loss.

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