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UPDATED: Plymouth Meeting Mall, Who is Out and Who is Under Construction

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

January has brought a flurry of changes for the mall, some retailers have closed, while others are under construction. What will be the final solution and key to success?

5Wits - CLOSED

Escape room company 5Wits! has closed. The elaborate "adventure" themed escape room failed to be successful even located across from LEGOLAND Philadelphia which continues to draw LEGO loving crowds on a steady basis. In my opinion, it failed to evolve and to draw customers back for repeat visits. The rooms were so elaborate they could not be altered and once the customers figured out the puzzle to escape or win - why would they come back? Add in a pricy cost of admissions and it was obvious it was not going to be successful.

The Dapper Doughnut - CLOSED

Not much to say here.

Shake Shack and Other "Yet To Be Named" Restaurant - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Construction is underway to build the new freestanding Shake Shack and another restaurant. This area is located outside of Dick's and Miller's. No official word on an expected completion date.

Journey's - CLOSED (added 1/26/2020)

Michael's - Under Construction

Michael's has finally begun to outfit the store. Racking is going in, expect a spring opening.

Ideal Image - Under Construction

Ideal Image has begun construction. No update on an opening date yet.

Restore Hyper Wellness - Under Construction

Restore Hyper Wellness has begun the initial construction process. At least there is movement.

H&M - CLOSED FOR REMODEL (added 1/26/2020)

H&M closed on 1/25/2020 and will return in May with a new look. Read our article about this retailer.

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