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One Local Resident Brings Her Love of All Things Sweet to the Community

Conshohocken life-long resident and Plymouth Whitemarsh graduate, Nicole Marchozzi always dreamed of owning her own candy store when she grew up and now that dream is becoming a reality as she celebrates the grand opening of her pop-up shop Sweet Thangs Nut and Candy located in the Plymouth Square Shopping Center (former Hair Cuttery) on November 15, they will be at this location until at least January 15, 2021.

As the youngest of three kids, Nicole had this dream which lived in her heart almost her entire life. Originally her dream involved opening her dream candy store on the boardwalk in Ocean City but over time Nicole realized Conshohocken was the area she loved and never wanted to leave. Nicole explained, “Like a kid in a candy store” is not just a saying to me. It’s a feeling. A magical feeling. A tickle in your belly like you get on Christmas morning as a child. Close your eyes for a minute. Think back, remember that feeling you got walking into a candy store as a child. The smell of pure sweetness in the air. The colors that would make your eyes widen in amazement. I want to give that feeling to every child and bring it back to every adult. I want you to have that “tickle in your belly feeling” again. A playful feeling. I can’t wait to start this swirly twirly gumdrop filled journey into your hearts and home as your go-to candy store."

Don't look now, but this pop-up shop is just one of the three-prong approach Nicole is tackling to make her dream a reality. The Sweet Thangs Nut and Candy Food Truck will launch early next year, bookings are now available on her website. You will be able to customize the menu your guest will enjoy at your event. This will be perfect for any party, religious celebration, neighborhood gathering, corporate event, or even weddings.

You can also shop online, 24 X 7 X 365, local delivery is available!

We asked Nicole how COVID has impacted her plans to which she added, COVID has impacted our plans, like everyone else we needed to adjust. One blessing we found is the ability to open our pop-up shop, there is no way a landlord would have us in this valuable retail space without COVID, this gives us the ability to launch the pop-up site and grow our brand before launching the truck next year.

Follow Nicole's journey online by following her on Facebook and visiting her Website.

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