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UPDATED: Police confirm No Harm Intended; Norristown Area SD Statement on Attempted Child Luring

Norristown Area School District released the following statement on an attempted child luring which occurred this morning 09/20/2019.

"Good Afternoon Norristown Area School District families. This is Superintendent of Schools Christopher Dormer.

I am contacting you to make everyone aware of an attempted child luring this morning. At approximately 8:20 am, around the intersection of E. Marshall St and Walnut, a male and female believed to be in their mid-twenties approached one of our students as the student walked to the bus stop. They approached in a green van with tinted windows. The female rolled down the passenger window and offered the student money and candy. The student refused and walked away. The student reported that the woman then exited the van and followed the student on foot continuing to offer the student money and candy. The student ran down the street away from the bus stop. The woman got back in the van and drove off.

The woman is described as having dark skin and short hair. Police were promptly contacted as the student notified school officials of the incident.

Due to the location of the incident, the Norristown Police Department is actively investigating the situation. East Norriton and West Norriton Police Departments were contacted and made aware of the situation.

Student safety is a top priority in the Norristown Area School District. I wanted to be sure all NASD families were made of aware of this situation given the close proximity of our three municipalities and that the alleged perpetrators are using a vehicle. I encourage everyone to be extra careful as students walk home and utilize bus stops. Please report any suspicious activity to school officials and police immediately. If you have any direct knowledge or information regarding this morning’s incident, the male and female in question, and/or the green van, please contact Norristown Police Department immediately.

Thank you and have a great rest of your day."

Norristown Police Chief Mark Talbot also issued a statement below, apparently after investigation, it was determined no threat was intended.

"With the help of some concerned citizens we have been able to locate persons of interest connected to reports of an attempted child luring that occurred on September 20th at approximately 8:20 AM. After speaking to the individuals involved I have come to the conclusion that there is no danger to the public. I believe that the juvenile involved did exactly what she was supposed to do and we should all be proud of her for that. What she experienced was in fact the poorly thought through attempt of an adult to do something nice. Although the story may seem to lack any connection with how a person would reasonably conduct themselves, I have taken all necessary steps to satisfy myself that what happened, in fact, was not an attempted abduction nor was there any attempt to cause harm whatsoever. Although we have more investigative steps that we intend to take I consider this matter to be a rather alarming misunderstanding that poses no additional risk that must be addressed by either the police or others.

Chief Mark Talbot"

You can visit the NASD website here (logo from this website)

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