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Mums the Word on New Tenant(s) for Former Location of DSG, Not Just a State Store?

There has been a lot of chatter on TalkinPlymouth (Feel free to join) the pending arrival of a new (relocated) Fine Wine and Good Spirits Store in the former location of Dick's Sporting Goods.

We know there is an article floating out there, but we wanted to verify the information for ourselves and have been unable to do so.

Officially the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and The Goldenberg Group are all mum on the pending arrival. We contacted The Goldenberg Group and they stated "Until we have executed leases we are not allowed to disseminate this type of information. Stay tuned in, hoping to make some announcements soon!" We also reached out to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for an official comment and they stated "We are always looking to expand our Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores and find the best locations for our valued customers. I spoke to one of our Real Estate Team members who said that they are looking at many locations throughout Montgomery County, but have not made any definite decisions." OK, what does this all mean? I would infer they will eventually make the move to the Metroplex, but I doubt it will be the only new tenant of the former location of Dick's Sporting Goods, here is why.

The current Dick's Sporting Goods location is a whopping - 41,593 sq. ft., making that location bigger than other stores in The Metroplex like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Ross, to name a few. Other locations that are open include the former Carter's Outlet (7,280 sq. ft.) and the former Avenue space (5,625 sq. ft.). The current size of the State Store in Whitemarsh is 10,200 sq. ft., so clearly they will not take 40,000 square feet by themselves.

In my opinion, the Fine Wine and Good Spirits would do best in the section near Guitar Center, the traffic is not as intense and other tenants like Ulta and The Gap could use something to help draw people into their section. A bit of reshuffling and they could manage this.

We should also consider some tenants are original to when the Metroplex opened. Has anyone else noticed how tired some of those stores are becoming? I would assume The Goldenberg Group is most likely working on a plan to bring new tenants into the complex as well as relocating old ones to help give the center a new life.

From the Facebook group chatter, it seems everyone agrees, the Metroplex needs food!

We will keep an eye on this and update when we hear something official.


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