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Former JB Dawson Location Comes Down, Makes Way For Future Tenant

Demolition has started on the former location of (JB) Dawsons. Located at 440 Plymouth Road the building was built in 2002 and has been vacant since the restaurant suddenly closed in 2017. The location was built as part of the national J.B. Dawson's chain and eventually transitioned to just "Dawson's" before closing its doors.

This topic was discussed on June 1, 2020, at Plymouth Council's Workshop where the developer Tornetta Reality confirmed several tenants turned down the site due to its unique architecture. The 6,500 sq. ft. building was built with 2 different foundations and that unique feature makes it cost-prohibitive to convert the building into use for another tenant. Keith Tornetta, who spoke on behalf of the Developer, stated they have lost out on several tenants who preferred to build new and choose the mall over this out parcel, citing Shake Shack and Miller's recent additions to Plymouth Meeting Mall.

Tornetta requested permission to take the 6,500 sq.ft. building down to the ground and replace it with another 6,500 sq.ft. building in the future, this would allow the attraction of a tenant who will appreciate the quick turn around time in building new. There is no guarantee the new building will be a restaurant, it could be an office or other commercial use. There will also be no change in the percentage of previous surfaces. Tornetta did mention there are 128 dedicated parking spots for this building which is well above code, although he did not say it directly his statement leaves the door open for future requests and approvals of an increase in building size.

You can view the property listing here.

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