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East Norriton Salon Closing, Promotes Gift Card Sales as of December 19, Customers Warned

Ama Ti Salon and Spa located at 2939 Swede Road in East Norriton will close on January 2, 2020, according to an email sent to customers. This Salon, formerly known as La Vita Bella Salon underwent renovations when they changed their name.

Customers should be warned, Ama Ti was still promoting their gift card special via their Facebook page as late as December 19. In their Facebook post, pictured below, they continued to promote a special, a free $20 gift card for each $100 purchased.

Customers who purchased these cards as gifts should reach out to the owner immediately. We recommend you do this in person as the phone has already been disconnected. Those who purchased gift cards using a credit or debit card can contact their credit card companies for further assistance.

photo credit: Ama Ti Facebook Page

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