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East Norriton Police Ask for Calm, Unity, and Patience as Investigation Continues

Local Facebook pages are loaded with a ton of information regarding last night's shooting at East Norriton's Our Town Alley. so much so East Norriton Police have asked for community unity, patience, and calm in the wake of such a tragic event, even claiming a lot of what they are seeing shared on their page is false or misleading.

From Roxborough to Lower Providence this story has scared the greater community deep and wide. People have been sharing their stories of escaping from the scene, some even breaking windows to escape. Others have shared details from the scene including one local resident who scooped up a toddler who was alone in the chaos before being reunited with Dad once outside. A mother shared how her two kids were at the alley with a grandparent and she received a text from her daughter saying she did not want to die.

According to 911_Philly, an internet blog that tracks murder victims in the city of Philadelphia, and a supporting post from Haneefa Stanford who identifies herself as the victim's wife, the victim of last night's incident is Frank Wade of South Philadelphia.

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Haneefa shared this picture on Instagram with the caption, "I can't sleep, I would do anything to bring you back, please" If you would like to offer words of condolences, you can use this link here.

East Norriton Police have issued the following update, "2/21/2021 UPDATE: I see a lot of posts on here with people attacking one another over what appears to be misinformation in some cases. This is a tragic event outside of the norm for our community. It is shocking and appalling to us all.

I would encourage everyone on here to remember there are victims that have suffered the loss of a loved one and others with injuries that have long-lasting impacts on friends and families. There is also the ripple effect this event has on our community and Our Town Alley. Stay together and support one another.

I am proud of the work of the men and women of East Norriton Township Police Department for how they responded to this incident. This is not the type of incident we are used to seeing but it is something we talk about and train for. We had an outstanding response from our Law Enforcement Partners. Their mutual aid support has been outstanding. You can have confidence, this is a safe community and the men and women in East Norriton Township Police Department were prepared for the events last night. This does not mean we are immune from every evil.

We thank the many neighboring Police Departments, Fire Departments, Ambulance, and County Detectives, and County Emergency Management. We had amazing response from everyone including our local businesses, the school district and private partners. They opened businesses and provided transportation to witnesses and officers who needed to get out of the freezing cold weather and use restroom facilities.

The investigators by East Norriton Township Police, and Montgomery County Detective Bureau worked overnight and are still working diligently to identify suspects. Their work and cooperation has been nothing short of impressive.

Stay tuned...the County will be making a statement and providing additional information and details around noon."

No further update has been released at the time of publishing and there is no indication of who they are referring to when the statement says "I". This is a developing story, please check back. Did you enjoy this article? Take these steps to keep informed

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