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East Norriton Business, Bouncetown Set to Close

Photo credit: Bouncetown website

Local parents with young children all know and love Bouncetown but yesterday via their Facebook account owner Dana Fletcher-Coles announced she would be closing the business permanently on December 14, 2019. This would mark the end of her 4-year ownership. Reaction from parents was immediate and sad as they say goodbye to their well-known hub of young child development and play.

In recent years Bouncetown has tried to diversify its offering and held monthly dance parties for children tween/teens from the special needs community as well as offered party rental supplies and parent paint and sip events.

Fierce competition in their primary space has come from other venues like Chatter Splatter and now Ambler Sports Academy all aiming to entertain the pre-school age group.

Photo credit: Bouncetown Facebook page

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