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Complaint Lands Property Owner in Front of Planning Agency

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Kathleen Ramsey, the owner of 257 Isabella Street found herself in front of the Planning Agency on November 4, 2020, after a single complaint resulting from her use of the property she inherited from her parents. According to Ramsey, the commercially zoned property was in a state of neglect when she and her sibling took the property over after her parent's passing. Mrs. Ramsey invested thousands of dollars to remove years of junk and trash which accumulated from tenants on the property. The property in question has always been used to store a contractor's equipment and therefore she did not see the need to seek relief from zoning when she leased it to a new tenant.

A neighbor, who remained unidentified, filed a complaint alleging the use of the property as a storage facility for a tree contractor constituted a "lumbermill" and therefore did not comply with its permitted use even though the property had been used in a similar manner for decades; this made Mrs. Ramsey's appeal easier to consider.

The relief sought by Mrs. Ramsey was to grandfather her property and continue to allow storage consistent with uses in the past.

After several questions from The Board, a motion to approve the variance was raised and passed unanimously. The Board limited its approval to the current tenant and additional permission would be needed to allow additional tenants or future tenants on this property.

Watch the meeting here.

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