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Chatter Splatter, The Latest Victim of COVID, Closing May 2021

Via Facebook, Chatter Splatter announced they will be closing in May 2021 due to the financial impact of the COIVD-19 Crisis. Via their statement, they used all of their remaining money to cover the rent until that time. Located on Conshohocken Road, Chatter Splatter opened 7 years ago and enjoyed success amongst parents with young children.

A simple idea became a thriving business and a benefit to our community with Chatter Splatter supporting local community groups including Plymouth Little League. The idea was soon copied by the now-shuttered Bounce Town as well as Ambler Sports Academy who entered the "kids indoor playgroup" space last year.

Loyal customers and supports immediately raised the idea of fundraising to help keep the business afloat, but Chatter Splatter has said no matter what those efforts would bring, the closing is inevitable.

Private Parties remain available and can be booked online (even though it says below the system is down).

Below is the full statement from Chatter Splatter

Picture via Chatter Splatter Facebook page.

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