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Boscov's Turns 25, Stands the Test of Time

Boscov's Plymouth Meeting, PA
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PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA - Many changes have occurred in the last 25 years at the Plymouth Meeting Mall, and looking at the never-ending request for zoning relief coming from that property those changes show no signs of stopping. Today, we noticed a post from Boscov's commemorating their 25th anniversary. So, it got me thinking, what are some of the good and bad changes we have seen over the last 25 years? Why has Boscov's been able to stand the test of time? Check out my list below and comment on our post for further discussion.

According to Mall Hall of Fame, Work commenced on the mall's second anchor on November 16, 1965. The 3-level (185,000 square foot), Philadelphia-based Lit Brothers was officially dedicated on October 10, 1966, as part of a twenty-five-store formal opening. They go on to add Lit Brothers was shuttered in 1977 and sat vacant for 2 years before Hess came in and re-opened the location. Hess enjoyed success in the space before its closure in 1993. Boscov's opened on October 13, 1996.

The Good:

Addition of restaurants outside of the mall. These restaurants have given a useful purpose to the otherwise decollete mall property. With 89 prime acres, there is no excuse that the place is not butling with traffic. Meanwhile, Boscov's candy department has been churning out the goodies since the beginning.

IKEA Moving out: Although this could be a good and a bad change, that lot configuration and parking set-up was way too congested to hold IKEA. As someone who worked at IKEA at both the new and old locations I can tell you, the mall management (previous owners to PREIT) hated us. They were always jealous of the traffic and business we brought to the mall and could not wait to get us out. They believed the traffic from IKEA kept them from being a successful mall. Also, IKEA actually outbid AMC for the movie theatre property but the former owners (not PREIT) rejected the bid citing the diversity of offerings to their customers. If doilies are your thing, Boscov's has had several styles and sizes to chose from for 25 years.

Whole Foods. What a score for the mall when Whole Foods came to town. Certainly a needed addition to the community. It also offers grandma the perfect spot to stop in for a rose wine after getting her items at Boscov's.

The Bad:

Does anyone remember Krazy City: That place was horrible, what a great idea but it was never run correctly and I do not think anyone would disagree it was just a weird spot.

Proposal of an 11-story apartment complex. I mean traffic over there is terrible on a good day, let alone with 503 units of people moving in and around the area. Can you say Nope? Thankfully the Township rejected this plan just the other month, but I am sure they will be back. You can read my articles on this proposal here. Not sure the people who would be renting there would fit into Boscov's demographic.

5 Wits. Who spends thousands upon thousands of dollars to install 3 escape rooms that are so over the top and cannot be altered or changed when your clientele gets tired of the same three stories?

Rathbones. Man, I miss that place. Went there many times after work and the food was always good and the atmosphere was perfect to relax with coworkers and friends.

Boscov's has lasted so long because they are nothing fancy, but they have just what you need. If someone else does not sell it, they do. Where else can you get a pink toilet seat, a sofa, some pajamas, or the best selection of As Seen on TV items around?

Since 1996 that mall has undergone some major changes, too many to list here, and there are still more to come. What is the most hated or loved change that you remember? Leave us a comment on Facebook.

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