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After Fire, Taco Bell Closed for Repairs

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In an ironic twist of fate, just as we released the article about Taco Bell in East Norriton getting a new neighbor (Taco Bell Gets a New Neighbor) we learned Taco Bell was on fire. We arrived to find numerous fire departments on the scene and fire reported in the walls. Damaged seemed to be minimum and most companies departed shortly after we arrived.

As of today (2/17/2020), a restoration company is already on-site, with visible damage to the exterior facade. Even with a dumpster and signs everywhere, a steady stream of lunchtime hopefuls entered the parking lot. One lady even made it inside, walking past the ladder in the picture above, before realizing the store was closed.

UPDATE: 02/19/2020 - Taco Bell has reopened. Most of the exterior damage has been repaired.

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