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2028 US Rowing Team to Train in Conshohocken

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA - The Conshohocken Rowing Center has been selected to host the Under 23-year-old US Rowing team, the goal of this team is to represent the US in the Olympics in 2028 which will take place in Los Angeles.

According to, Craig Hoffman, executive director of Conshohocken Rowing Centre, said "This is the American dream, It takes a lot of time and physical strength to do what they do, but it takes a lot of mental strength and focus, too, and a sense of well-being is every bit as important as physical strength to their success. Mental preparation is key. Athletes will carry the same problems they had as adolescents all the way to the Olympics if they don't have the psychological support they need to overcome their issues early on and as problems arise."

The Conshohocken Rowing Center is a 15,000-square-foot facility located at 307 Washington Street.

Invited athletes are responsible for their own living expenses and transportation. Full-time coaching, entry fees, and program fees for the center are covered for them according to insidethegames.

You can read the original article here.

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