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1234 Butler (Fayette) to be Demolished and Replaced with 2 New Homes

Plans are moving forward to allow for the demolition of the single home located at 1234 Butler Pike which will be replaced with 2 new single homes according to testimony during the September 2020 Zoning Board Hearing.

The current owner who has owned the property for 34-years is selling to a Conshohocken based developer in order to make way for the two new homes.

According to the meeting, the current home has fallen into disrepair making salvaging too costly. The project was in front of the board seeking a variance to allow each of the new properties to have a 50' lot width where a 60' lot width is required.

Shown below is a rendering and site plan attached to the Zoning Application.

Questions from The Board focused on the ability to save the current structure, the size of the new proposed buildings, and the architecture of the proposed new structures.

John Sciotto, a resident of Conshohocken and a representative of the developer (Talarium, LLC) who made the application, stated the two houses will be of a size fitting to the current community and allow for a price point that will match current demand in Conshohocken. Each new home will have a building footprint of 800 sq. ft. All other setbacks will be adhered to.

In our conversation with Sciotto, he stated, "We are excited to bring this project to the town in which we live and to better the community which we love." Sciotto went on to mention he will be partnering with a local craftsman on the interior finishes to bring added character to the project.

There were no public questions or objections and after several rounds of questioning the Zoning Board did grant the request. The project can now head into the next stage of planning.

Join our conversation here.

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