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Happy Halloween Neighbors!

Sorry, not a winner, but thanks for stopping by.  For those neightbors I do not know, my name is Benjamin Gibbons I live on Sheffield.  Our family, my wife and three kids, moved to Sheffield in 2012 after the birth of our youngest son.  Our neighborhood wecomes so many new families each year and we love meeting the new neighbors.  I started a local Facebook group call "East Plymouth Valley" which is named after our neighborhood and is only for residents.  If you have not joined our group I welcome you to do so.  If you visiting us from another neighborhood, good news, I have several groups to join.  

Thank you for stopping by our house and celebrating with us. Look below for updates on what we are working on, and remember to Like us on Facebook and follow up on Instagram! From our families to yours, thank you for supporitng our small business and Happy Halloween! 

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We aim to share stories that inform our community. I am a one-man-band over here and have a full-time job, so I tend to stay away from "breaking" news covered by other sources, I focus on the following; stories too small to make those bigger sites or stories that are growing and will eventually show up in a larger format; what new businesses are coming to our area; what are the local townships are doing that most would only know about if you attended the meetings; and being a foodie I have recently started to share some food reviews. 

We Connect Neighbors

After starting our neighborhood group, I realized most areas wanted to make the same connection, smaller intimate sites with verified members allow for more open and free conversation.  Click on the connections tab to see all of my groups.  Some groups are still growing so if you see an area and know someone who lives in that neighborhood, please feel free to share the link with them. 

We Connect Businesses

The great thing about social media is that if used correctly, we can bring awareness to local businesses within our area.  There are so many great businesses in our community, most are so small, like ours, you may have never heard of them, others may be well known in and around the area and also locally owned, while other are the large chains that we all know. 

I allow the business community to connect with our residents by providing a platform for them to gain exposure.  I offer rates that are so reasonable the smallest business can get in front of thousands of local residents. 

We Connect Elected Officals

I attempt to allow local elected officials to connect with residents, this also allows them to grow their social media following and reputation.  I am still working on this since I am not here to promote one party or political cause over another. I do however allow all candidates currently running for election a platform to get equal exposure and talk about what they are doing to better our community or to bring awareness to topics they are passionate about.  

We Are Growing

The great news is we are growing!  The support from the community has allowed us to grow and as we do we are making some changes.  We aim to have a feel for the pulse of the community and make it even easier to find us.  Over the coming weeks, we will be transitioning to our new name "Plymouth Pulse".  Same great site, new look, and name.  Check out our updated logo. 

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