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False: Wegman's is Not Coming to Ridge Pike

Photo: 2/24/2020, does not look too different today.

We were asked by a couple of readers to investigate a rumor that EKAHN Development has hooked Wegman's as a tenant for the former 7-UP location on Ridge Pike, otherwise known as 1103 Ridge Pike. Here is what we know.

We reached out to and spoke with Eli Kahn, Owner - EKAHN Development, who confirmed these rumors are false, EKHAN is fully Committed to bringing their proposed and approved plan to realization shortly.

We reached out to Plymouth Township Manager Karen Weiss who confirmed she was unaware of any proposed changes to the development plan and had not heard anything regarding a Wegman's being proposed within the Township.

We spoke to David Conroy, Zoning Officer for Plymouth Township who echoed Karen Weiss in not hearing the rumor and not seeing any request to move this forward.

We reached out to Wegman's but have had no comment from them at the time of publishing about their plans for a new store in or around the 19462 area. We will update this article later if they ever respond.

In short, this rumor at this point is just that - a rumor.

Check our EKAHN Development and their other projects here and the renderings below.

Above, a rendering of the current project underway courtesy of EKAHN

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Photo credits:

Front Wegman's picture is courtesy of Wegman's Digital Media and Press Kit, Past pictures and map are all from the Montgomery County Property Records website.

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